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Tumblr savior: manaAsks, mana shutUP

All art is (c) Mana Michelle. Please do not use any of my art or alter it with out my permission! Thank you!

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→ Anonymous whispered : Well you deserved those notes my dear! It made me laugh so hard. Also I as well like candy corn uvu

you’re so sweet thank you so much! I hope to make more laughs :’D

firefly-garden whispered : YES JOIN THE DARKSIDE-- I MEAN, THE AWESOME HOMESTUCK FANDOM muahahahaha. Karkat is so cute. ; 3; <3 I'm sorry you're still sick though! Hurry and get better!!! > o</

KARKAT <3 I love him too much too much.

hopefully this weekend ill feel better >.< thank you ;u; <3