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All art is (c) Mana Michelle. Please do not use any of my art or alter it with out my permission! Thank you!

Anonymous asked,

Can i request some Arasol or is this not an option?


Some times I feel like doing requests! I would’ve liked to see arasol while both being ghosts.



I can do my best! To be honest, I’m not the best at inking, however I would love to share what I know how to do ! So I made this small tutorial. My scanner is poop so we’ll have to say hi to my camera.

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coralfrills asked,

I love your artstyle!

Thank you so much ;-; <3 I apologize for the tumbleweeds crowding my blog lately T_T THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STILL BEING HERE 


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Anonymous asked,

I eagerly await to when you're out of school and the drawings straying flowing in. ^--^

THANK YOU SO MUCH I ALSO EAGERLY AWAIT MY DRAWINGS TO STAY FLOWING!!!!! I need to find a balance between being an adult and being a NEET at my desk. 


professionalfangirlclairekat asked,

Your art is beautiful :33

bby ur face is beautiful image

Thank you so much I will continue to work hard ! /)////(\

grumpytrans asked,

hello! owo i would like to request permissions to print off your chibi beta kids in the animal outfits and make them into stickers. i want to decorate my binder for school and they're just so cute. i will absolutely not use them for retail purposes, i swear on my soul! i just felt the need to ask. thank you! ;w;

No problem!! I really appreciate you asking <3 SEND ME A PIC OF UR CUTE BINDER EEEEEEEE :3 

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manaAsks  CUTE BINDERS??????  

lokiagentofmidgard asked,

Hello! Would it be okay for me to use one of your pixels as a corner image on my blog? :D (The floaty Roxy one?)

sure! as long as you credit my blog i don’t mind c: <3 

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manaAsks  you are always welcome  

Anonymous asked,

Would you mind terribly if I made keychains of a couple of your stickers (post/31715595917)? Not to distribute or anything, but to hang on my bag? (Sorry if you've been asked questions about this before.)

I wouldn’t mind at all! Thank you so much for asking me I really appreciate it <33 SHOW ME A PICTURE I WANNA SEE HOW THEY COME OUT OKAYY?? <3


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utaprism asked,

GOD YOUR SKETCHES ARE FAB.I mean is there a way to keep things clean?? ;A; Like your sketchbook looks so fab and dakfljdaslkjsa do you just go and DRAW without doing the body under the clothes and all those stuff? and if i may ask.. what do you use to draw aklsdaskdjsak everything is fabulous lssakdjaksdj im sorry for suddently asking all this ;_________;


By no means are my sketches clean HHAHA. I do a lot of erasing when it comes to full sketch drawings. However, as you can see, when I just sketch willy nilly I don’t even bother with real hands or lines 8) aka: I’m just lazy.

BUT IF YOU WANT THEM TO LOOK NICE YOU JUST….HAVE TO ERASE……a lot. I still draw circles and guidelines for help, I just erase them later! 

I made a post a while back answering my drawing tools of trade right here! : http://whereismana.tumblr.com/post/42145957187/i-wanted-to-have-this-on-my-blog-for-anyone-else 

<33333 I wish I knew how to properly answer these questions ;;;; 

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escape-from-the-world-with-me  manaAsks  

Anonymous asked,

It's okay if you don't make lots of doodles. Take your time, relax, pace yourself. I do love your work, but they're worth the wait~

Thank you very much for these words of encouragement ;0; I needed it  guahh <3 I’ve been working hard on something, I hope that you all can be a part of it once its all finished and posted! <3 

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manaAsks  im gonna cry  arigats  

nightmares-and-selenium-dreams asked,

I just found your blog and literally everything here is cute; your photo diaries, your art, YOU. You're a cutie for life, don't stop


Thank you so much…you can’t see me right now but my chin is in my hands and I’m sighing affectionately at you. This made my week <3 

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manaAsks  HUFS  BLUSHES  

Anonymous asked,

I have to ask cause of some of your gifs... Are you a Supernatural fan?

Unfortunately I have never watched the show!! But I have a bunch of friends that love it and are getting me to wanna watch it. SO MAYBE ILL BE A FAN SOON IT LOOKS REALLY COOL…….

Anonymous asked,

omfg your art <3 !

YOUR FACE  !! image

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Anonymous asked,

Omg I love the way you draw <333 How about some dirkjake cuddlestuck?


This isn’t cuddleing but I mean it could be ….. I just really like being pet on the head. dirkjakies <3 HERE YOU GO ANON IM GOMEN  y3y

Anonymous asked,

I just hope you have an amazing rest of your life -a hug fan of yours


I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING REST OF YOUR LIFE AND BEYOND YOU All are so sweet im going to go cry into my ramen now