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All art is (c) Mana Michelle. Please do not use any of my art or alter it with out my permission! Thank you!

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HELLO!!!!!!!! Stares at the deserted island that is this blog wow. My adventures in Japan have been indescribable, which is why this blog has not been updated 8( BUT. I will be returning to the States with full force. Anime Next convention is upon me which means lots more art ywy. 

I wanted to post my spring semester portfolio. I took a computer imaging course and finally got to creating something. I created a book which I am posting here on this portfolio and hope to sell pdfs of or at the convention!  


I’m really proud that I was able to make something real like this. Holding it in my hands is an amazing feeling. I hope you enjoy it <3

Thank you all for baring with me. I am sad to leave such amazing people I met and I’m sad that I am leaving this beautiful country, but it’s time for me to head home. 


Mana <3