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All art is (c) Mana Michelle. Please do not use any of my art or alter it with out my permission! Thank you!

I started my new moleskine for the year! I am doing well in not paying attention in class, and drawing in this 8^) There are only a few this round, but I wanted to prove to myself that yes, I am still drawing. SO HAH. 

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I wanted to have this on my blog for anyone else who was wondering! 

I use a wacom bamboo fun tablet! I’ve been using this cutie for 5 years now and it still works great <3 I like it because It’s really easy to bring around with me! I primarily use painttool sai to color and adobe pscs5 to edit! 

I’ve been really into using moleskine sketchbooks lately. The paper quality is really really nice, and the binding is also really sturdy, so I can keep them forever! They’re a bit pricey, but I think of it as an investment. This is my second one!

Traditionally I use .05 mechanical pencils, and a .03 mechanical pencil for sketches. Sometimes I use blue and red mechanical pencil lead for fun! For inking I use .05 and .03 copic multiliners, and sometimes brush pens that I get at Kinokunia! 

I also use copic markers to color, prisma/crayola colored pencils, and white gel pens for touch ups or different designs. Sometimes I also add glitter or other crafts I can find to make the traditional pics stand out more uwu <3 

My inspirations are a reaLLY LONG LIST But here are some that I usually check on a weekly or monthly basis : deannacm, yummytomatoes, feastings, astrons, troffie, hamletmachine, yuko, e1n, jo, kimmy, namie, lulu, there are some that dont have their tumblrs upTHE LIST CAN LITERALLY GO ON FOREVER I love…..everyone _(:3/L)_

YAY. faqs about my shit frffgf