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I found a “kawaii” voice meme; here’s my shitty voice in japanese

  • Say your username and your name with the proper honorific. (“Whereismana! My actual name is a secret ;) eheh…..)
  • Where are you from? (New Jersey! But I go to school in philly)
  • What is your favorite anime?(….i guess Ouran Highschool Host club?? There are a lot of a favorites tho…)
  • Pronounce the following words: Kawaii, Sugoi, Desu, Kakkoi, Bakemonogatari, Konnichiwa, Ohayou, Onigiri, Sushi, Onegai, Arigatou, Neko, Nyan, Hasubando/Waifu, Ochinchin, Manko(TOO EMBARASSING NOOOOOO), Gomennasai, Sayonara, Naruto, Onii-chan, Musume, Zetsubou shita, Meido, Mahou Shoujo, Hajimemashite
  • What do you call an attractive male? (Man what a weird question….i guess ones with glasses???? IDK . ANYWAYS MOVING ON.)
  • Who is your waifu for laifu?(A person whos name is Sarah! shes the one who suggested the cake remember that?)
  • What are you watching this season?(Tamako market! the show is SUPER CUTE, the girl is ALSO SUPER CUTE, and they talk a lot about mochi wow.)
  • Who’s your favorite touhou?( I ron’t really play the game but, i guess reimu? )
  • Why aren’t you kawaii? (IDK….WHY AREN’T I. It’s okay I enjoy being super bara.) (coughs a lot chokes)

WELLP that was both embarassing and fun so i hope u enjoyed that while I go dig my face in hw ahhahaahah 

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tsundere meme~!

I sound like an idiot i can’t believe i spent so much time on this.

I wanted to do my own like Luluseason  with my OC’s Renée, Rue, and Luke but also for the sake of my japanese class lol I MADE SO MANY MISTAKES. people from my class who are listening feel free to critique lol I know I made errors orz…hope you enjoy it anyways!! here is the translated scrpit!

  • -Say “I’m your new class rep, (your name/username)!”
  • -Name something guys do that really annoys you.
  • -Pronounce the following words: Baka, Hentai, Nande, Batsu, Fuzakenaideyo, Shiranai, Butsu Iwanai-de, Nani, Bukkoroshite Yaru, Dammate, Kochi Miruna-yo
  • -Say “I-It’s not like I like you or anything. I just wanted to, ok? Jeez, stop looking at me like that!”
  • -Who’s your favorite tsundere character?
  • -Lastly, get creative and insult me for being so suave and handsome.